Alkadyne HDF145B

Low Sag PE100 for Large Bore, Thick Wall Pipe


Alkadyne HDF145B is outstanding for the production of large diameter, thick walled pipes (>100mm wall thickness). Exceptional melt strength results in ultra low sag extrusion performance making even the most challenging pipe dimensions possible using existing vacuum sizing extrusion technology. Alkadyne HDF145B expands the range of appplications for PE pipes into new frontiers and brings a proven track record in large scale projects.

Ultra Low Sag Performance

The exceptional melt strength performance means Alkadyne HDF145B is capable of producing pipe of wall thickness greater than 80mm. This opens up new applications to PE100 pipe and allows manufacturers to access new markets.

Designers are able to consider using PE100 in applications usually reserved for steel and concrete.

Excellent Pipe Dimensional Stability

High melt strength results in excellent pipe dimensional stability. Alkadyne HDF145B minimises wall thickness variation and reduces rework resulting in:

  • Raw material saving
  • Optimal pipe installation efficiency

Higher Specific Output and Cooler Melt Temperatures

The market leading extrusion performance of Alkadyne HDF145B allows pipe extruders to increase outputs and efficiency. Production capacity can be expanded through the higher extrusion rates enabled by the properties of HDF145B. Cooling limited sites can substantially increase line speed.

Hunter River Case Study

Watch how HDF145B enabled the installation of one of Australia’s largest PE100 pipes by horizontal directional drilling to deliver safe drinking water to the Hunter Valley NSW

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