Alkadyne HDF193B


World-Class PE100 Grade for Pressure Pipe

Alkadyne HDF193B is designed to meet or exceed the key performance requirements for hydrostatic strength (MRS10), slow crack growth (SCG) resistance and resistance to rapid crack propagation (RCP). Over many years, the mining, water and gas industries have taken advantage of the proven world class performance of HDF193B, using it in pressure pipe in large volumes.

Beyond Minimum Required Strength (MRS)

For Alkadyne pipe grades, Qenos maintains Pipe Pressure data beyond the minimum requirements of the PE100 standard. Working with Qenos Technical Service, your pipe design can be optimised to achieve:

  • Maximum lifetime design
  • Elevated usage temperature

High Resistance to Rapid Crack Propagation (RCP)

Alkadyne® PE100 has passed Rapid Crack Propagation (RCP) tests at critical pressures well above the requirements of the standard. RCP performance data for sub-zero application temperature is also available. RCP performance enables pipe designers to specify:

  • Lower in-use temperatures
  • Higher safety margins for fluid containment

Yamba Case Study

Watch how HDF193B was used to construct a 1.6 km ebb-tide release pipeline in Yamba NSW

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