Last month the Qenos pipe team attended Ozwater 23, Australia’s premier water exhibition and conference. It was great meeting those of you who were there and learning about your interests and needs in the water industry.

At Qenos, we specialise in providing high-quality polyethylene for a wide range of applications. Our Alkadyne® products include PE100 grades specifically designed for use in pressure pipes and fittings.

These grades are perfect for demanding applications such as water and gas distribution, irrigation, mining, and coal seam gas production.

In addition to our standard PE100 grades, we also supply specialty PE100 pipe grades that offer enhanced properties to address specific challenges.

These specialty grades feature increased resistance to slow crack growth which is well suited for trenchless installations (PE100RC), resistant to disinfectants such as chlorine (PE100 RCD), and high application temperatures (PE100 RT).

Qenos’ PE100RC (HSCR) grade is well suited to trenchless installation as it offers superior resistance to slow crack growth. It is especially suited for harsh installation conditions such as pipe cracking, HDD, submarine installations, and sandless bedding.

Calculate the benefits and savings Alkadyne® can provide, by entering the specific details about your pipeline installation project in our handy calculator.


To increase flow capacity and allow access for repairs and routine maintenance, Livingstone Shire Council opted for the installation of two new pipelines using Qenos Alkadyne® HCR193B pipe by horizontal directional drilling.



Qenos Alkadyne® HCR193B was used for part of Perth’s Groundwater Replenishment Scheme expansion. Two specific sections of pipeline using horizontal directional drilling were installed to reduce the city’s reliance on climate dependent water sources.


Qenos exclusively supplies the new generation PE100RCD grade (Hostalen CRP100RCD) produced by Lyondell Basell. This HDPE material has been designed to meet new technical requirements for drinking water piping systems.

PE100RCD exhibits an improved resistance against commonly used water disinfectants such as chlorine dioxide, chloramine, and chlorine and will deliver longer pipeline asset lifetimes.

Ideal for applications requiring high temperatures such as Artesian bore water systems. Qenos exclusively supplies a high quality PE100RT grade (Hostalen CRP100RT) produced by Lyondell Basell. PE100RT provides good stress crack resistance properties (ESCR) combined with very good long term hydrostatic strength even at raised temperature (RT).

With excellent heat ageing and extremely high extraction stability, PE100RT will offer improved pipeline lifetimes for assets in this space.

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