PE100 HSCR (High Stress Crack Resistant)

This series of blog posts will provide an overview of the new developments within the PE100 class of compounds, beginning with PE100 LS (Low Slump). If you haven’t already, read over the Introduction to Next Generation PE Pip Grade Resin and Innovation within the PE100 class.

Another development within PE100 is the High Stress Crack Resistant (HSCR) variant, which is designed to be high stress and ultra crack resistant, so is perfect for scenarios whereby the PE100 material will be under heavy stress.


Trenchless pipeline installation reduces traffic disruption and community impact, making it increasingly popular for civil works in urban environments.

PE100 pipes are exceptionally well suited to horizontal directional drilling due to its toughness and flexibility, allowing sharper bends than other materials thus reducing drilling bore length and cost.  To account for the higher potential of damaging the pipe with notches or gauges that may lead to slow crack resistance, additional safety factors are applied.

PE100 HSCR has been developed to provide a much higher safety margin to failure by SCG. It provides more than 5000 hours before failure in the notched pipe test, representing a tenfold increase compared to conventional PE100. 

PE100 HSCR is now fully specified in the POP016 guidelines published by the Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia (PIPA). It is also incorporated into installation standards, allowing design engineers to take advantage of higher system design life or opt for “fit for purpose” design alternatives using lower wall thickness. The material characteristics are similar to PE100 RC (Resistant to Crack) resins that are defined in the publicly available specification DIN PAS 1075.

PE100 HSCR polypipes reduce wall thickness which in turn will allow for lower costs and make sure it lasts longer thanks to its toughness.

Our next post will explore PE100 RT which is designed to deal with raised temperatures.

Until then, why not dig in to some of our case Studies

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