Perth Groundwater Recharge Pipeline

As part of Perth’s Groundwater Replenishment Scheme expansion, Qenos Alkadyne HCR193B was specified by Water Corporation as the pipe material used for the two horizontal directionally drilled sections of the 13 km groundwater recharge pipeline. The pipeline is set to help further reduce the city’s reliance on climate dependant water sources.

The Challenge

To diversify Perth’s water supply in response to the impacts of climate change, Water Corporation is expanding its Groundwater Replenishment Scheme that recharges drinking-quality recycled water back into the groundwater system. The expansion includes the construction of a 13 km recharge pipeline, with a large portion of the pipeline being installed within Yellagonga Regional Park.

How did Qenos help?

Water Corporation decided to install two specific sections of the pipeline using horizontal directional drilling to minimise potential environmental impacts. Polyethylene’s flexibility and high integrity butt-welded connections make it the material of choice for HDD. The durability and integrity of the pipeline network are of utmost importance to Water Corporation, which is why Qenos Alkadyne HCR193B was selected for the horizontally drilled sections of the pipeline. The material’s superior resistance to stress cracking is expected to greatly prolong the asset’s life.


Proven capability for large diameter PE100 HSCR pipe

The DN800 mm pipe must withstand both internal and external pressures as well as the high tensile forces applied during pullback. With bore lengths of up to 1300 m, a high wall-thickness of more than 90 mm was required. The inherent low slump properties of Alkadyne HCR193B combined with the extrusion know-how of Perth-based pipe manufacturer Enviropipes, enabled this challenging large-diameter thick-walled pipe to be manufactured to within tight tolerances.

Pipe installation proceeded ahead of schedule, facilitated by the sandy ground conditions and experience of trenchless specialist contractor Pipeline Drillers.

Raising the bar for PE pipelines

The project confirms that Alkadyne HCR193B is well suited for use in large-bore pipes with over ninety millimetre thick walls. Water Corporation is in the process of requiring all polyethylene pipework used for potable water in its network to perform better than standard PE100, which expressly includes materials such as HCR193B.

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