OzWater’20 – UPDATE Ozwater’20 will not proceed in May due to COVID-19

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Qenos has been working with pipe converters and utility owners to leverage new innovations in PE100 technology for more efficient and longer lasting pipelines.

Alkadyne HCR193B used for the first time in sewer rising main installed by HDD in Logan, Queensland

The team will be on hand to talk through a recent wastewater project undertaken by the Logan City Council in South East Queensland. The council has engaged Maxibor to complete a series of seven bores including a single bore of 1.32 km, the longest in the council’s history. Alkadyne HCR193B, Australia’s first PE100 with high stress-crack resistance (PE100 HSCR), was used by Iplex to produce the Millennium® PN20 PE100 HSCR pipes with up to 560mm diameter. It represents the first installation of a PE100 HSCR pipe for wastewater in Australia.”. Read more on this wastewater project.

“We look forward to seeing you there!”

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