Technical White Papers

Controlling Moisture During Pipe Manufacturing and Handling


Find out why effective moisture management is vital to the quality and performance of polyethylene pipes.

White Coated Polyethylene Pipes for Exposed Above Ground Applications


Learn how a white coating can protect HDPE pipes in exposed above ground applications

Minimum Performance Requirements of HDPE Pressure Pipes


Find out what it takes for HDPE pressure pipes design life to last 50 years or more.

PE Pipeline design using material properties


Find out about how material data supplied by PE resin manufacturers leads to more cost-efficient pipelines

Squeeze-off for pipeline isolation


Find out how to maximise the lifetime of polyethylene pipe networks following flow-stopping using the squeeze-off technique.

Residual lifetime assessment of PE pipelines


How can a pipeline owner determine the remaining life of a pipe that has been in service for many years?

The Next Generation PE Pipe Resin


Learn about new PE100 specialty materials and the pipe resins of the future.

Pipe Extrusion Knowledge Library


Download the full collection of all Qenos Technical White Papers on pipe extrusion for your reference.

PE100 HSCR for Trenchless Pipeline Installations


Find out how PE100 HSCR provides pipelines with a higher safety margin against slow crack growth failure and enables “fit for purpose” design

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