Engineered to Outperform

Alkadyne PE100 grades from Qenos are at the leading edge of polyethylene molecular design. Each grade performs beyond the required standards and sets a high bar for the competition. Alkadyne PE100 grades were developed by Qenos in partnership with Australian pipe manufacturers.

Close involvement in the local pipe industry has ensured that local product and processing requirements are fully understood and incorporated into each product design. Qenos is proud that it is the only Australian manufacturer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin for PE100 pipe and employs over 700 Australians.

Alkadyne PE100 – Made from Australian gas to keep Australia moving


Suited to Your Needs

Whether for potable water distribution or coal seam gas gathering networks, the Alkadyne PE100 range offers a durable and efficient solution for your piping needs. As Australia’s first supplier of high stress crack resistant PE100 HSCR, Alkadyne PE100 products cover grades suited for pipes installed by conventional and unconventional techniques such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

Through Qenos’ strategic partnerships, the Alkadyne PE100 range is complemented with specialty grades featuring resistance to disinfectants (PE100 RD) and high temperatures (PE100 RT). Contact us directly for more information.

Well suited     Preferred choice
Installation Application HDF193B HCR193B
Trench Water Distribution
Gas Distribution
Mining slurry
Large bore, thick wall
Trenchless HDD Large bore
Pipe cracking/bursting
Slip lining, tight-lining
*Categories are based on the typical performance requirements of the application listed and serve as a guide only.

Next Day Delivery

Being Australia’s only local manufacturer of polyethylene and having established a superior supply chain and logistics base allows us to serve the Australian market with high efficiency and respond quickly to variations in demand, lowering the risk of project delays. Vendor Managed Inventory systems and next day delivery give customers maximum efficiency and hassle free bulk delivery.


World-Class Product Quality


Qenos quality is driven by world class systems that are independently verified:

  • Alkadyne® PE100 Black grades comply with AS/NZS 4131 for PE100 type compounds and are intended to be used in pipes conforming to AS/NZS 4130
  • Alkadyne® PE100 Black grades are type test certified to AS4131 by SAI Global (Lic. 20138)
  • Qenos laboratories conduct all quality assurance on Alkadyne® PE100
  • Product development and technical support for customers are performed in the Qenos Technical Centre which is NATA accredited for key PE100 resin quality and performance tests
  • Qenos third party registrations provide independent confirmation of compliance to recognised standards including ISO 9001

Tested to Go the Distance

Polyethylene pipe is an engineered product, required to withstand internal pressure and external influences for up to 100 years. Qenos has invested in the largest pipe pressure testing facility in the southern hemisphere where pipe is extruded for testing, and then subjected to high pressures and heat for up to three years.

Qenos also has the capability to perform Condition Assessment of PE pipelines. Service life depends on a number of factors as seen in the diagram below. These factors relate to pipe material, pipe quality and network design which need to be considered when performing a condition assessment. The pipe material testing required to make an assessment of the pipe condition requires in-depth polymer expertise. Qenos has extensive experience in testing and analysing PE pipes from the field to provide support in pipeline Condition Assessment.


Support and Expertise

Qenos Technical Service Staff are widely recognized for their analytical capabilities and expertise and are supported by extensive Technical Centre facilities. This support not only ensures Qenos can provide advice and support for the set-up and optimisation of Alkadyne® PE 100 grades at any manufacturing facility in Australia but also provides an extensive range of processing equipment to support application development and troubleshooting for customers. This capability has been critical in the design, installation and commissioning of numerous major projects.

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