Yeppoon Causeway Lake Underbore

Yeppoon in central Queensland is the principal town of the Livingstone Shire on the Capricorn Coast and is renowned for its beaches, tropical climate, and the Keppel islands out on the bay.

The Challenge

To meet the region’s growth in population, Livingstone Shire Council is expanding its potable water distribution infrastructure. The region south of Causeway Lake was supplied through two ductile iron water mains contained within the bridge structure that crosses the Mulambin Creek estuary. To increase the flow capacity and allow access for repairs and routine maintenance to the bridge, the council opted for the installation of two new pipelines beneath the estuary by horizontal directional drilling.

The ground conditions made it a challenging job. 260 m of the job was rock and the last 100 was OTR. So we had to actually drill a pilot hole of about 258 meter and then forward ream the hole out to the required size. It’s the first time this pipe with the resin has been used in Australia and we’re glad to be associated with that.

How did Qenos help?

The critical importance of the pipeline, combined with difficult ground conditions that include large amounts of rock, drove Livingstone Shire Council to select polyethylene pipes made from Qenos Alkadyne® HCR193B, Australia’s first PE100 resin classified as high stress crack resistant. The material ensures that scratches on the pipe that occur during trenchless installation will not develop into cracks, thus extending service life and reducing maintenance costs. The pipes were manufactured by Iplex pipelines and installed by specialist HDD contractor Maxibor.


Two pilot holes of 380 m length were drilled to a maximum depth of 17 m and subsequently enlarged using a reamer to allow for the pull-through of the DN315 and DN450 pipes. Pulling through of each pipe was achieved within several hours and the trenchless job was completed by attaching flange adapters to connect to the distribution network. High stress crack resistant Alkadyne HCR193B is fully compatible using both butt welding and electrofusion pipe connection techniques with conventional PE100 resins.

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