PE100 RT (Raised Temperature)

This series of blog posts will provide an overview of the new developments within the PE100 class of compounds. If you haven’t already, read over the Introduction to Next Generation PE Pip Grade Resin, Innovation within the PE100 class and  PE100 High Stress Crack Resistant (HSCR)

The design base for PE100 is a 50-year lifetime at 20°C. When buried with an adequate depth of cover, PE pipelines in moderate climates will not experience temperatures higher than 20°C. PE100 is increasingly used in industrial applications, particularly in the oil and gas industry. While regular PE100 pipes can be used at temperatures up to 60°C, additional design safety factors apply and lifetimes are reduced. For example at 60°C, using the temperature rerating table in PIPA’s POP013 guidelines, the pipe lifetime would be shortened to only 7 years.

Polymer technology first used for plumbing and heating pipes has been incorporated into a fully PE100 compliant pressure pipe resin designated PE100 RT. This recently developed material exhibits higher strength at elevated temperatures, allowing a reduction of safety factors. With an extrapolated lifetime over 60 years at 60°C, PE100 RT is ideally suited to high temperature applications typical of the coal seam gas industry, high voltage cable ducting, and Artesian bore water extraction. Guidance for pipeline design using PE100 RT materials is given in the recently updated ISO 15494 standard for industrial piping systems.

Dealing with Raised Temperatures

An updated PE100 RT is designed to withstand high temperatures better, and so is more useful for hot water pipes, radiators and underfloor heating. The next blog post will explore PE100 RD which is designed to be resistant to disinfectants, making it perfect for drinking water distribution.

Until then, why not dig in to some of our case Studies

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